Give up and give up! The Temple Knights will be here soon

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Savant can be reached OSRS GP via Falador. Savant will recommend using rubium to boil the water once more before enlarging the Fire Rune in order to bring the area to life. To obtain the purest chunk, teleport yourself to the Rune's essence by using a rock hammer , or an hammer.

This can be made by the Fire Altar. You can draw 5 more rubiums from the bank. In order to put out the flames return to the slug lab. Now you are able to move to the third room. Conversations will begin when you enter. Well, [insert name hereIf I'd been aware when I got freed that you'd get to this point, I would be sure to have posed you.

Give up and give up! The Temple Knights will be here soon. Forgive my indignity. I forgot to ask my servant for your coats and even your life. Oh Hobbes... Mayor Hobbes has a level of 83 and can utilize the power of magic as well as melee. He's immune to all magic , except fire, however, you can also melee and shoot him. Kill him and the Mother Mallum will be terrified. Savant The situation is a bit odd. I'm teleporting your back to base at this moment.

You'll be transported back to the base. You will be teleported in just a few seconds, along with Mother Mallum, and some slug victims. The Mallum will instantly take control of the Commander Callon. He's at level 138 and can only be defeated by melee. He is able to be defeated, and the Mother Mallum will then teleport away together with a few capture knights. Inform Savant you're prepared to follow. If you follow her, you'll face the level 236 Mother Mallum using Water Wave. She employs poisoned range attacks and a long-range melee.

The Mother Mallum is able to buy runescape 3 gold be wounded by three methods such as Rune crossbow bolts that are topped with magical dragonstone. These can be purchased from Savant for 24 before she teleports. Method 2: Fire or Smoke missile spells. Method #3: The Dragonfire Shield blast. I'm sure that people will opt for the second method, but it's worth mentioning the two other methods. In order to help her when her health drops to less than 40%, the Mother Mallum can summon Giant Lobsters at Level 51 or Level 78 Slug Victims. Be the first to beat her, and you'll be Quest Complete