There are two things which make me hesitant to EVE echoes

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There's a few reasons I do not, for eve echoes isk today at least. One is the size of this raw data is significantly bigger, and even with all the current data I'm currently tackling ~500mb of orders every day, so I really don't want to have to spend a lot more to take care of the the extra bandwidth.Another is the format of the raw data has changed over time as I've changed my process. I'm comfortable supporting the existing API, but I do not wish to feel restricted to the current set up I have on the backend, or hazard break the tools which others are generating.

But first and foremost, I'm still not entirely certain just how netease feels about what I am doing, so I am attempting to expose the least amount of information to ensure it is less probable that I get shut down by them.Very pleasant site. This is certainly among the most convenient ways to acquire market data.

There are two things which make me hesitant to use itThe apparent trust issues which Eve games inspire. This is probably something which can only be solved from the devs offering us an official API.It seems to me which market costs are strongly determined by the amount available, so if I note down current prices, I'm basing it on the purchase price of a specific sum of the stuff.

Does the game cache this data somewhere in the file system of Android, or do you really need to do some type of packet sniffing? I had been hoping it would be the first, since then I could just make a utility which automates some of the"open favorite, notice the present price" without which makes it all that suspicious under the EULA, but I could find market data in the information folder. Hey I see you have not upgraded data for 16 hours. Latest timestamp I've is 07:00 GMT. Everything ok?Your API is perform freaking awesome. Please don't let it wither away.Sorry about that, things closed down unintentionally. They ought to be up and running. Let me know if you have any further problems. Glad you are enjoying it!Thanks to your tool, it's very helpful!

What's crazy is that there were even more people who couldn't enter system due to the cap. Who knows what the amount would have been.Not it matters because the match is essentially unplayable after 500 individuals get on grid.Ya the lag was absolutely brutal. A lot of folks were pumped for this fight but then once everyone began to get on grid the lag and disconnects sucked the life out of it pretty quick.GF to all those involved no matter props to red for sticking it out!

Exactly! I really don't care what side you where on this was going to be epic... til everyone in your fleet disconnected for the 19th time and you could not even aim anything due to lag. Was still fun but very disappointed in the overall functioning of the game and buy eve isk the server.To be fair, how can they have predicted large fleet battles like this?