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Whoops, I read the loyalty points thing and OSRS gold didn't realise that they didn't release it. Lol sorry whoops didn't log in when I was posting. And yes they have done multiple things to Wow The match. Just examine the new clothing. You pick a class for the clothes! And now there's an aura, The dunging benefits, and armors now look Like WoW armour. Aura, are you kidding me? It might be cool but they're creating the game easier today because for every new slot the realease comes to a greater bonus and that means a greater hit/new effect. And Lol Maintain the special consequences weapons I like this game...

Along with the first post when I was referring to WoWing the match I supposed Aura slots. You do not decide on a"class" for the clothes. You pick pre-designed outfits that you can completely customize for free. RuneScape introduced this to maintain their players from shifting to games such as World of Warcraft, not to imitate the other games.

You can't say that auras will considerably make the game simpler because barely a detail is known about them yet. Auras will likely cater to high-end players anyways. And you forget that Jagex is great at balancing difficulty.

So I'm at 65 almost 66 defense. I would like a shield to be among my first 99's along with magical, however, I do not have the ability to resist countless low leveled mosters because of a lack of time and patience. I'd love to know where and how and any tips on the best way to train defense the fastest/quickest or even simplest way. Lately I have been performing pest control, but wave after wave will get dull... Not to mention the occasional loss due to an overwhelming population of low leveled people seeking Cheap RS gold do damage to a level 100+ berserker/defiler/torcher/ravager...