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Comparison associated with printing procedure differences about the front side from Cheap Cigarettes Sale the Marlboro Cigarettes Online trademark document: the real trademark document adopts counteract printing, the center "Liqun" font retreats into embossing as well as bronzing procedure, which offers obvious concave as well as convex sensation when touching manually, the advantage of bronzing as well as overprinting is actually accurate, and also the white splash line within the golden close off is consistent thick and obvious; Fake smoking use high-definition checking imitation publishing, the center "Liqun" font along with hand contact concave-convex feeling isn't obvious, the actual edge associated with gold rubber stamping overprint change, gold seal within the white brief line thickness isn't consistent as well as Newport 100s Wholesale Cigarettes fuzzy, about the right side from the white collection, there is really a significant difference using the characteristics from the real item.